V Series Solenoid Valve(3/2)

                  • V321/VP321 series direct acting solenoid valve, port size ranges from M5 to 1/8”. Spool of the solenoid valve is cutted and one-time-machined from superior aluminum alloy rod , by high precision Japan CNC machine; Valve body use strong aluminum alloy ,ensuring clean and rigid thread. Dynamic?and?static?armature made by Japan-imported hybrid machining center at one time?with?Germany-imported?soft?magnetic?stainless steel material,?ensuring high accuracy and?rapid ?magnetizing?and demagnetizing; Integral coating?of coil by thermosetting?BMC?,ensuring?IP65? protection,?low temperature?rise,?longer service?life. Especial NM231/NPM231 series, low power technology, low power, low temperature rise, PLC directly connection, perfectly performance.
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